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SFOTU - Space Federation of Trade Unions

Our organization brings together both individuals and entire organizations operating on the Star Citizen platform.
As the Polish Alliance, our main operating time is UTC + 1, which does not change the fact that we will be happy to see people and organizations from other time zones in our ranks. We accept english speaking people in our organization but we are primarily polish alliance.
§1 General Rules
You may not offend other members or their families. This is the main rule in our org and it will be enforced. Every conflict can be solved, you just have to want to talk. If someone does not want to talk, it means that they are at the core of the conflict.
If you are unable to get along with each other, notify one of the officers or, as a last resort, the commander-in-chief (Emperor).
In the event of a conflict which involves officers, we report the situation to the commander-in-chief.
We help new players if they ask for help.
If we play, we try to be logged in on the Guilded - communicator used by the organization. It is not obligatory, but it is highly recommended. It is recommended to be on Guilded, even when you are not playing, it improves the integration of people in the organization. We often play other games together in anticipation of the SC to mature.
We visit the forum at least once a week. Our forum is a treasury of knowledge about the game itself, but also about projects related to it and the functioning of our organization.
§2 Recruitment
We recruit people over 18 years of age. The age level is caused by the fact that some conversations may be topics that are not suitable for minors.
We require a degree of personal culture. It is good if a person can speak without cursing but if something slips we can live with it.
We have no other requirements, apart from accepting the regulations and filling in the application for admission.
§3 Guilded
Guilded is currently SFOTU's main communicator - This status may change if Star Citizen has a fully functional Spectrum communication system and it meets our requirements.
We welcome people from outside the organization on our Guilded platform.
Guilded is used for voice and text communication, both within SC and other games.
There is a requirement as far as personal culture goes. We behave as if someone from our work or our children could hear what we say / write. This does not apply to 18+ channels, where we enter at our own risk.
§4 Roles in the organization
The roles in the organization are set by the commander-in-chief at his discretion, but it is advisable that his decisions are consulted with other members of the organization during meetings at Guilded and / or forum surveys.
If there was no consultation when selecting a person, the Commander-in-Chief bears full responsibility for the selection and decision of the person.
The commander in chief can be voted out of command. However, it is required that at least half of the (active) members of the organization vote. A simple majority of the votes is required. Voting must last a minimum of one week to allow most of the active members to take part.
The following roles are currently envisaged:
§5.1 Commander-in-chief (Tyrant / Titan / Emperor)
Responsible for the entire organization.
Makes decisions about the functioning of the organization and its fate.
Decisions that can take time to decide should be discussed with the broader public, but it is not a requirement.
There may be decisions that will be communicated only to officers (not the entire organization) if discretion is required, or to individuals if decisions are relevant only to them.
Commander-in-chief is the chief first diplomat of the organization.
§5.2 Officer
Assists the Commander in running the organization, but does not perform diplomatic functions. He is here to help other members.
Has limited power to the extent entrusted to him / her.
He is accountable to the Tyrant, but should also consult his decisions - justify.
§5.3 Diplomat
He is responsible for keeping contact with other organizations and alliances.
Has limited autonomy, but if possible, should consult any decisions before making them.
Diplomats have the power to make decisions only if two people participate in the meetings and agree on those decisions. If they make them they should inform the Commander and officers.
There are separate regulations for diplomacy.
§5.4 Redaktor
Edits and creates posts on the website and forum,
Supervises the proper form and content appearing on the forum and website
§5.5 Moderator
Removes inappropriate content from a forum or channel,
Uses preventive tools to maintain order. He should not overuse its role.
§5.6 Branding wizard
The operator performing this function is responsible for the logotype design, colors and management of matters related to how the organization looks outside.
§5.7 Administrator / person in charge (within a specific system)
Supervises the correct functioning of the forum / systems,
Solves problems and updates the forum system,
§5.8 Recruiter
He is responsible for recruiting new members and helping them to get acquainted with the organization.
5.9 Treasurer
Responsible for the finances of the organization
Criminal liability applies in the event of misappropriation of funds.
Treasurer must be able to transfer the accumulated funds at any time (reasonable time).
The treasurer's finances are not the treasurer's property. He disposes of them only on behalf of the organization.
The scope of roles will be expanded in the future, and the allocation of people to roles is determined in a special topic on the forum.
§6 Finance
The organization is supported by donations by the organization members.
A member who has incurred the cost of purchasing an item may ask for the reimbursement of all or part of the costs incurred if he was asked to acquire that item.
A refund request should be reported in a thread related to finances no later than 2 weeks after it was incurred (or from the creation of this forum section).
A full inventory of costs incurred, along with donors, will be shown in a separate post. You will also be given an account number where you can make a donation. They will be allocated for reimbursement as well as for further federation expenses.
Refunds will be made from collected funds on a first come, first served basis. In the absence of funds, refunded will be done after funds are replenished.
Contributions are voluntary but welcome. We do not want to finance the organization using funds from 2-3 people.
§7 Absences
Due to the fact that the game has not come out yet, there are no penalties for inactivity, but if you play a role, you should report planned longer absences. Reporting through the forum in the appropriate section.
§8 Actions
Events can be created and led by any person.
The person organizing the event is responsible for its course. People taking part in the event should follow the instructions and recommendations of the leader.
This section will be expanded in the future as the game offers more.
§9 Expulsion from the organization
It is true that this has never happened, but in the event of a gross violation of the regulations, the Tyrant can decide to expel a person from the organization. The tyrant must justify his decision, but it is his decision alone even if he asks people for opinions.